Atenea is a Montessori educator and family consultant. She was born and raised in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Atenea is an avid traveler and truly believes that a better world is possible through education.

Atenea Fossas Lozano

Atenea has more than 7 years of experience working in Europe, North America and Central America. Thanks to her proactivity, Atenea has worked as a teacher, trainer and family consultant.

Atenea holds a bachelor's degree in Economics from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcellona, ​​Barcelona, ​​Spain. She obtained her AMI Primary diploma in 2016 at Montessori Training Center Poznan, Poland.

She earned her AMI Adolescent Orientation in 2020 at Train Montessori, Denver, United States. He received his MACTE elementary diploma in 2023 from The Prepared Montessoriana, California, United States. Furthermore, she has obtained a Doula diploma and is a facilitator on assertive and respectful communication "How to speak so that children listen and listen so children will speak". She has volunteered in Europe, Africa and India in childcare centers and schools. his passion and contributing his grain of salt.

Atenea loves spending her free time with her family immersed in nature and practicing all kinds of outdoor sports. She loves to be active and study to satisfy her curiosities and learn new skills (ceramics, knitting and playing the piano).


  • Family counseling

    Topics: discipline within limits, independence, routine, secure attachment, self-confidence, Montessori routine.

    *At your request

    • Single sessions
    • Multisessions
  • Montessori training for caregivers

    This is professional training carefully designed to provide respectful parenting and care to support healthcare workers, family members, educational institutions and companies.

    If a family member or caregiver spends time with your child and you want to make the most of this time for everyone, Montessori Caregiver Training may interest you.

    Benefits :
    • Knowing the nature of children
    • Establish a secure attachment
    • Assertive and positive communication
    • Increase self-esteem and self-confidence
    • Respectful discipline within limits

    In Live option: 5 sessions and downloadable document.

    ***for schools and companies, training can be personalized
  • Montessori at home

    Home is the place where the child feels safe, protected, at ease, a world with which to explore the senses and be creative. This is an introductory course for parents and caregivers. We want to offer our knowledge about how small changes can make big differences.

    During that course you will learn :
    • Know the nature of the child
    • The role of the adult
    • The importance of the prepared environment.
    • Practical Tips: Design learning experiences for children

    In the Live option :

    Single Session Workshop on Demand Multi-Session Series (5)

  • Workshop “How to speak so that children listen and how to listen so that children speak”

    The workshop is based on the best-selling book “How to Talk So Kids Listen and Listen So”. The Children Will Talk” by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. The goal of these workshops is to provide you with practical and effective communication methods that will make your relationship with children of all ages less stressful and more rewarding.

    Themes :

    • Week 1 : Help children deal with their feelings
    • Week 2 : Engaging cooperation
    • Week 3 : Alternatives to punishment
    • Week 4 : Encourage autonomy
    • Week 5 : Honors without grading
    • Week 6 : Freeing children from role play
    • Week 7 : Putting theory into practice

    Each weekly session lasts 2 hours.